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«I was a 40 year smoker of 3 packs per day. I have been cigarette free for 4 months now. This is the forth real attempt to quit smoking. I am and will always be a nicotine addict. I don't think that the public, especially the non-smokers don't realize how difficult it is to quit smoking. With me, it's not a habit, it's an addition. Everytime I attempted to quit I had to deal with the emotion of failure. I had come to the conclusion that I would smoke forever and die with a smoking related illness.

In 2004 I had a heart blockage incident and went through a 5 line Heart Bypass. All I was able to do was stop smoking for about 3 months. Soon after I had several cases of pneumonia and was quickly developing COPD. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was making a personal choice to continue smoking. I was told I had a very good chance of dying within 10 years.

I discovered the e-cig in March of this year and saw a real potential for an alternative to the cigarette. I could get the nicotine I needed with out the smoke, tar, and host of other chemicals. All I had to deal with are the effects of nicotine exposure.

I gradually began to back off from the cigarettes and by May 1st I was cigarette free completely. All the symptoms of lung illness and many other factors have completely dissappeared. I have been doing all this with the cooperation of my family doctor. Even if the e-cig was twice as dangerous as the FDA claims it is the benefits out weigh the risks.

I really don't understand the public perception of the e-cig. I expected that there would be a relief because the number of lives this e-cig will save. I guess only smokers can appreciate the wonderful transformation the e-cig provides.»