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Dear All,

There may be trouble ahead....

There is talk of electronic cigarettes becoming solely regulated as pharmaceutical products by as soon as June 1st 2010, and thus becoming prescription only much like nicorette products.

A few statements were released on the 1st February by government agencies which are showing strong signs of a government who want to regulate these products accordingly.

We firmly believe that electronic cigarettes represent an alternative to smoking and should be regulated as such. We feel that regulating these products as prescription only products, will send a lot of people back to smoking because:

a) There will be far less competition so the price will be driven up, meaning it will simply become financially unsustainable for most people.

b) The stigma and poor success rates attached with NRT products will put a lot of people off from the outset.

c) Being only available by prescription will no doubt put a lot of people off due to the general hassle involved.

d) Monopolising ecigs in this way will truly be bad news for seeing new product innovation and design.

This would quite literally kill the electronic cigarette market and competition as we currently see it.

So this is how you can do something about it:

The Department of Health has been asked to work towards classification of vaping as smoking so vapers will have to stick to smoking areas only or to have PVs defined as medical devices which would effectively take them off the market.

UK regulation of electronic cigarettes Petition

If you are from UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world, I would advise that you sign this petition as a matter of urgency.

If you have the time, write letters or arrange appointments with your local/national MP's, doctors, ASH or anyone else who may have swaying power on these decisions. We need numbers on this....

These are the kind of decisions that end up affecting everyone in the world.... and of course for every country that bans ecigs, more countries will follow in the footsteps.

For further information and to follow the progress, please visit this thread on the UK Vapers forum.

Thanks and best wishes,