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10 new Wizmix flavours! 10% off!


New member
So we thought we'd launch ten new flavours at once, and let you pick your favourites.

All our Wizmix flavours are UK made, with the very best flavourings.
We have worked so hard to bring you the best e-liquid- we hope you enjoy the new range.
To celebrate the launch of these new flavours, there is 10% off for the next ~40 hours.

E-Liquid naming competition winners
Well done to the following winners in our naming competition.
emails are on their way to you within the next few days with details
on how to claim your year's supply of e-liquid :)

Strawberry Seduction - Chris M.
Melon Magic - Liz B.
Cherry Bomb - Chris M.
Coco Nutter - Paul A.
Caramel Kiss - Sie H.
Redneck - Ritva P.
Sailor's Punch - Javier
Havana Mild - Luke L.
Mucho Mango
The Grape Escape

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