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Discussione: Hello, all!

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    Predefinito Hello, all!

    Hello all! May I attach a message here? I have sent several messages to our admin, but I get no response from him. Maybe those messages have gone into spamming folders.
    The following is my attachment:
    Dear Admin,
    This is Micky from Cloumix.com. We know your forum from Google and know that your forum is well-known. We'd like to cooperate with you and your forum.

    Here is a brief introduction of our website:
    Cloumix.com is established for long in Shenzhen, China. We are agent for some A-level brand. Our products also cover new brand e-cigs and accessories with great price and free shipping.
    Our site is https://www.cloumix.com/

    Is it possible for us to post threads as an authorized vendor in one sub-forum section of your forum? Pls kindly tell us the requirement. We promise that we will abide by all the rules of the forum.

    Hope you can take this mutual beneficial solution into consideration.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,
    Micky from Cloumix.com

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    Is there no one to reply me?


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