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Discussione: Attenzione: DOTMOD 300w RECALL

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    Predefinito Attenzione: DOTMOD 300w RECALL

    DOTMOD 300w RECALL. In rete circolano questi avvisi.

    24 October at 02:28 · Vista, CA, United States ·

    ANNOUNCEMENT: About the 300W

    From the folks at dotmod:
    Recently portions of two of our staff members’ interactions with a client were posted on the internet. Normally we do not discuss individual cases publicly, however, it is clear that our lack of a public response has caused greater concern and confusion. We would like to take this opportunity to share information with our customers and the vaping community at large regarding our customer service policies, our product warranty, and the LiPo batteries used in our 300W dotBox.

    Customer Service:
    It is our goal to provide both high quality products and high quality service for our customers, and most of the time we succeed. However - in the recently highlighted case we clearly failed to provide our customer with the kind of service called for in our policies. We recognize our failure and are developing new procedures and training to prevent this from ever happening again. While we know we can improve, and intend to do so, we also feel it is appropriate to inform readers that we have offered a series of resolutions (including a personal apology from our most senior manager) to the customer who originally posted about his interaction with us. To date our offers of resolution have been declined.

    dotmod is proud to be (as far as we know) the only vaping hardware manufacturer that offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Our warranty is displayed on our website and clearly states that batteries or damage from batteries are not included. However, we want our customers to be happy with their dotmod products, so we attempt to reach a satisfactory solution with any customer who contacts us about a problem with their device, even battery issues. We encourage all readers if you have issues with any dotmod products to contact us at

    LiPo Battery:
    The 300W was launched about a year ago and came with a 20C discharge rating 3-cell LiPo battery. We made design decisions in an attempt to provide the most power and have the most effective chip-set possible. These decisions resulted in a higher quiescent current draw and the possibility that the battery would be depleted if not in use and maintained properly. We continue searching for a better replacement battery and in the meantime will continue to stock the original batteries.

    How we’ll do it better next time:
    The 300W dotBox product insert explains to the end user how to maintain their LiPo battery. We didn’t anticipate 300W dotBoxes sitting unsold for months at a time and we assumed that our corporate clients were aware of the known issues with LiPo batteries and the need to maintain a charge to prevent battery deterioration. Although our products are not sealed and can easily be opened for battery maintenance, we recognize this was a faulty assumption and we have an obligation to pro-actively inform our clients about our products. In the future – if a product has special maintenance needs - this information will be provided to the purchaser at the time of purchase. We no longer manufacture products that use LiPo batteries – our 75W and 200W dotBoxes use 18650’s, however if we discover an issue like this again we will ensure our customers are informed. As with all our products, we are always seeking to improve, and the 300W dotBox was discontinued when we came out with the much improved 200W. In the future our business clients will be formally notified when we discontinue a product.

    It is extremely difficult to read criticism about our dotFam, but we would like the vaping community to know that we appreciate all of the comments and intend to use this as an opportunity to improve. Again….anyone reading this who is having issues with a dotmod product – please email us at
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