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Discussione: [guida] Reuleaux DNA200

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    Predefinito [guida] Reuleaux DNA200

    Oggi sono atterrate parecchie Reuleaux DNA200 (3x18650) in Italia, copio-incollo questa guida trovata in rete a beneficio di qualcuno che magari si trovi in difficoltà

    The Reuleaux was the first DNA200 chip device to use 18650 batteries instead of LiPo. The factory settings therefore need to be changed to reflect this, otherwise it would appear (on the device screen) that the battery life is not very good.

    Here’s what you’ll need to do:


    This will prompt your PC to download the eScribe software (will only work on PC’s).

    · Launch the eScribe Software

    · Go to ‘MOD’ TAB

    · Leave the dropdown selection as ‘Lithium Polymer’.

    · In the ‘CAPACITY’ field, you need to enter the Wh (Watt Hour) calculation for the batteries we use (Sony VTC4 for this example). Enter 23.31*

    · Leave as ‘3 CELL’

    · Change ‘CELL SOFT CUT OFF’ to 3.3V


    By completing these steps, you’ll have made the screen display for the power indicator far more accurate.

    *to calculate other battery Wh info, here’s how you do it:

    > Take the mAh capacity of a single battery (Sony VTC4’s are 2100mAh).

    > Multiply the mAh by the voltage output, divide by 1000 (3.7V for the Sony VTC4’s).

    > EXAMPLE: 2100 x 3.7 = 7770 / 1000 = 7.77 Wh.

    So, in this example, 1 battery has 7.77Wh.

    BUT, we use 3 cells, so 7.77 x 3 = 23.31


    The Reuleaux software is pre-set to run Ni coils only (in temp control mode). To add other wire TC settings, you’ll need to follow these steps:

    · Go to:

    · You’ll see a list of different wire options. For this example, we’re looking at Titanium 1 (standard Ti coils). Click ADD WIRE

    · Click DOWNLOAD CSV File.

    · Once the file has opened (in Excel), click ‘SAVE AS’. Save to your desktop – SAVE AS TYPE CSV MSDOS

    · Go to the eScribe Software

    · Click the GENERAL tab

    · Click on PROFILE 1 and rename the profile ‘Titanium’ (you can also add an image to state this, which will appear on your device).

    · Change the dropdown menu (pre-populated with ‘Coil Material’ – change this to ‘CUSTOM’

    · On the Right hand Side, click ‘LOAD CSV’. Choose the file you previously downloaded.

    · Once this has been uploaded, save the settings to your device.

    The Reuleaux will now be geared to working with Ti in Temp control.

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