So first off I'll just drop the info so as many of you get this :
Remember we have a bank holiday on Monday 26th August 2013,
so any orders placed after today won't be shipped until Tuesday 27th August 2013.

Order today before 3pm (UK Time) to avoid delay!

Then for the new stuff

The fresh taste of the Caribbean are on offer with this delicious mango flavoured e-liquid.
Different to Mucho Mango, Caribbean Mango offers the an authentic mango taste.

And for those that want to have their eGo device at hand - the eCW lanyard is a great way to do just that.

Then lets go for a little sneak peek.. We got some nice stuff coming right around the corner.
I was told that *hopefully* by next week there will be at least two new flavours : Prickly Pear Cactus & Orange Dream.
There's also All In and Cinnamint on the to-do-list.