Qualcuno ha già sentito parlare o ha già provato questi liquidi?
ULTRApure E-liquid che non contengono glicole ma solo glicerolo vegetale puro e tutti ingredienti naturali?

"Innovapor ultra Pure E liquid Is made in usa and meets the highest purity standards. Ultrapure liquid containing nicotine use the highest grade purest nicotine available and USP grade pure vegetable glycerol. All ingredients used in ultra pure are sourced from the USA and are the purest available.
Ultra pure contains no candy oils commonly used in other liquids to provide flavor, only the purest, natural flavoring extracts are added to ultra pure to provide the true essence of flavor with out unwanted oils or additional ingredients.
Ultra pure eliquid does not contain propylene glycol as propylene has been found to cause and allergic reaction in some people. Instead, ultra pure contains usp grade 99,7% pure vegetable glycerol which is safe, non toxic, and non irritating. You can also rest assured that ultra pure does not contain any know carcinogen."