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Discussione: GG4S

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    Predefinito GG4S


    very small
    it takes the length of the battery so we dont spend even 1 mm more than the apropriate length
    no gaps with any battery/batteries, only the one for pushing the button
    accepts all 18650 and 2x18350 batteries
    0,07 voltage drop with 1,5 ohm resistance
    no plating on any of its components
    direct connection to the battery or not
    air control or not
    removable and automatically adjustable center post
    locking mechanism
    soft lock
    adjustable button path only by screwing more the unit
    side venting holes
    easy to push button with palm or finger
    button can be pushed at all angles
    steady on tables in horizontal position if you buy the air control version
    it doesnt fire in vertical position but it still has a soft button
    align unit's engraving to match atomizer's engraving
    very easy and rare cleaning
    its made of only 5 pieces
    its made of very big pieces so you can handle them very easy and also you cant lose them
    SS construction that hits almost like a copper one
    length 76 mm without atomizer and 77,5 mm with atomizer on it
    width 22mm

    79 euri

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