Hi, all.

I am Stefan. I'm from INSHARE and here's a look at our good news. Thank you!

Shenzhen Inshare today was awarded as the winner of Best New Vapor Product by the selection committee of Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo 2015. It was a significant moment for Shenzhen Inshare to display its extremely powerful R&D capability and innovative thinking mind, and at the same time be recognized by the industrial experts and buyers at the international tobacco products and related merchandise trade show.

"This is the first time that a Chinese company has won this prize at Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo. We have spent almost a whole year developing these new arrivals and our efforts have paid off with many improvements. This first prize means a great affirmation and encouragement for us to keep moving on in the R&D of new vape kits," said Kiwi Lau,CEO of Shenzhen Inshare.

Shenzhen Inshare released two major vape kit series, Ultralight Plastic Vape Kit Series and Pure Metal Vape Kit Series, at the trade show. A range of smart features and the safety performance of those new vape devices have enabled the products to receive recognition from buyers representing Retail Stores, Smoke Shops, Vapor Stores, Electronic Cigarette Wholesalers, Distributors, Import/Export, Tobacconists, Legal Analysts, Consultants and others in Industry Related Markets worldwide.

"Plastic vape devices with high-level safety, portability and large-volume vapor are so crucial for our customers that we have made key improvements and breakthroughs in the internal working principles and industrial designs," said Kiwi Lau, "Our goal is to provide reliable and powerful vape devices to as many people as possible while continuing to maintain quick delivery times."

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