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Discussione: Dati sulle varie tipologie di filo per TC

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    Predefinito Dati sulle varie tipologie di filo per TC

    Ho trovato questo documento che potrebbe tornare molto utile:

    Inoltre una serie di informazioni (da verificare) che ne indica i vari pro/contro.
    Inserisco direttamente i testi in Inglese, come riesco, vi posto anche la traduzione.

    - - - - -
    Versus Ni200: Titanium, Stainless Steel and NiFe wire has the following advantages:
    Higher resistance
    Enables (much easier) use of thicker wires, twisted wires, dual coils; and in general, just makes building easier
    Is more accurate for TC than coils of lower resistance
    Uses less power and therefore less battery
    Micro/contact coils are possible
    Ni200 can't be used for micro/contact coils, and this limits certain builds
    Even though I can now use contact coils again, I find I don't do them the majority of the time because they gunk more. But it's nice to have the option, and sometimes they are the best or easiest build in a given deck.
    Besides which it's nice not having to be very careful to make sure the coil is 100% spaced all the way around - easier, quicker building.
    Low, or zero nickel content
    Some people are allergic to nickel. It is not regarded as hugely safe.
    Stronger, easier to work with
    Varies by wire, but generally all the wires are easy to work with where Ni200 is not.
    Better taste
    Not something I've noticed, but some people have reported better taste from Titanium and Stainless Steel than Ni200
    Versus Titanium and Ni200: Stainless Steel and NiFe have the following advantages:
    Dry burnable
    Just like Kanthal, these wires can be dry burnt in VW mode
    This means they can be easily cleaned when changing juice, just by dry burning them to clear off all residue
    It also means the coil can be fired before going into TC mode, to check it is glowing nicely inside-out : just like we do/did with Kanthal. This is especially important for micro/contact coils, but I like to do it with all builds and sometimes I find an uneven glow, and fix the problem before I go to TC.
    Strength and lack of springiness
    Titanium is very springy, and is annealed to make it less so
    But it's still quite springy even after annealing
    And the annealing makes it very soft. It can therefore break quite easily, especially in through-post atomizers.
    Stainless Steel has the following major disadvantage compared to all other wires mentioned:
    It has the lowest TCR, right at the low end of current TC technology.
    Therefore it requires a TC mod with TCR adjustment
    And even with such a mod, it can only be accurate to around the nearest 20-30°C, compared to 5°C on other wires.
    This doesn't mean it gives a poor TC vape, it just means you might end up setting a different temperature than you expect; maybe 215°C instead of 225°C.
    Finally, Kanthal NiFe52 has the following advantage versus Kanthal NiFe70/30:
    Higher resistance
    Kanthal NiF30/70 has quite low resistance, not as low as Ni200 but lower than all others mentioned
    NiFe52 has resistance nearly as high as Titanium
    This makes NiFe52 preferable to NiFe30/70, for the reasons mentioned under the Ni200 section (though not to the same extent.)
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    Molto interessante, grazie @lordmatrix

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