we introduce 5 new flavours from Tino d'Milano range based on all good e-liquids we used to sell:

555 - Brilliant nutty flavour with some more subtle notes of vanilla and a very very mild tobacco flavour.

7 Volwes
- nutty note,ground peanuts taste. With higher concentration there is chocolate - coffee taste.

De Luxe - dark chocolate taste and a gentle touch of vanilla, sour tobacco, mellow honey scent and cocoa notes.

Flue cured tobacco - very tobacco fllavours with visible note of coffe. Perfect with Dirty Neutral Baze as brings up the clear tobacco taste

Inawera Blend - mix of different tobacco tastes: burley and virginia tobacco, a bit of of cuban cigar and old cedar pipe. Second row is specially for vanilla note and RED fruits: hint of cherry with a smell of roots. This is a masterpeace for tobacco lovers.

All new flavours can be found here: Products New - Inawera Shop, The Best E-Liquids, Flavours, Bases And Many More!

We will be adding new flavours to each order so you can try, taste and test ( eg. 1 new flavour) and you can share your opinions by writing reviews.