Smart PCC(Personal Charging Case)is the best way to both carry and charge your electronic cigarettes on the go. It is a small box which resembles a regular tobacco cigarette box but it has and does much more.
The PCC is equipped with a rechargeable battery, USB port, charge port (this is where the electronic cigarette battery screws in) and lets you charge your electronic cigarettes on the go is the front space to the right.

Smoore Smart PCC series use a premium digital readout and electronics ensuring your Smart PCC will indeed last a lifetime.
External LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which shows you the state of the internal battery of your case and how much battery is left on the PCC.
I.C with protection programs to protect PCC and batteries from being overcharged,overdischarged or shortcircuited.
Exclusive led readout keeps you informed of the units charge status.
Patented design, Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs.

Detailed Product Description
• One year warranty
• FDA registered, Non-toxic testing report
• Easy to take

Smoore M602EC Smart PCC starter kit comes with:
1 Smart Portable charging case built-in 1400mAh battery ,allows you to recharge your e-cig up to 4 times
1 electronic cigarette battery & and 1 spare battery
1 wall charger & 1 USB cable
5 Free cartomizers in the strength of your choice

• Packing Meas: 128 × 103× 71 mm
• Smart PCC Size: 99× 56× 24 mm
• E-cig size: 9.2 (D) × 96 (L) mm
• Content of battery: Lithium, 3.7 V-150 mAh
• Puffs per cartomizer: around 300 puffs

How does Smart PCC work?
1. Screw your M602C battery into the Smart PCC charging slot.
2. Hold the button on the front of the Smart PCC for 2-3 seconds until the LED light comes on.
3. The LED on your e-cig will flash indicating that it is charging.
4. The LED on the front of the Smart PCC will turn red to indicate the e-cig battery is charging.
5. When the e-cig battery is fully charged, the LED indicator light on the front of the Smart PCC will turn green.
6. Unscrew your battery, attach the atomizer, and start vaping!