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Discussione: Xpower is ready---made by Smoore

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    Predefinito Xpower is ready---made by Smoore

    Hi All,

    As the one who has clean room to manufacture cartridges, Smoore devotes to highest quality & safest products for our customers.

    With many times & long time testing, our big battery series ecigs: Xpower is ready for order.

    √ The X-Power produces a TON of vapor and more puffs, with very easy inhalations, be fascinated by its unique appearance- different from general cigarette, hard to be accused as a stimulated cigarette.
    √ The X-Power produces consistent amount of vapor, and this does, the battery delivers RIGHT to the last hit.. The last puff is as great as the first one.
    √ The X-Power adopts the excellent quality & powerful capacity 650/900 mAh battery with a manual button that lights up a light ring while supplying power to the high performance atomizer/cartomizer.
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