Black Jacks | Jelly Bean Dream | Gob Stopper
Mint Choc Swirl | Cinnamon Hearts | Old English Toffee

Have you got a sweet tooth? Can't walk past a sweet shop without misting up the glass?
Then you'll love our sweet NEW flavours added to the Wizmix range.

Remember Black Jacks?....Those succulent aniseed squares that were huge in the 70's!
Well we've bottled them ready for your pleasure. Like the more heavyweight sweet classics?

Then check out our scrumdidlyuptious Gob Stopper e-liquid, mmmmmulti layered vaping heaven.
Do you love Jelly Beans?....Then you're going to love our Jelly Bean Dream, a great vape for all those with a sweet tooth.

Delicately refreshing Mint Choc Swirl is a perfect after dinner vape.
Bursting with flavour this will be a cool treat for the tastebuds.

Remember Cinnamon Hearts? This vape is packed full of flavour,
introducing your mouth to a proper sweet n spicy time.

Ah, do you remember when toffee used to be toffee?....before these young upstarts like Werthers Originals turned up?
We mean classic creamy sweetness that makes your taste buds purr. Ladies and Gents we give you Old English Toffee.